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I've been working in the publishing industry since 1985 so it's fair to say I'm obsessed with books. And since 2006 I've been a llama farmer in France (we now have alpacas, pigs and sheep as well). So my blog will be about all things bookish with my farming life in the background. I enjoy reading all genres and am keen to promote indie authors whose do-it-yourself attitude I fully relate to.

A Roma Rollercoaster: The Last Gypsy Princess by Alan A Larson

This talented author has followed up his stunning debut novel, Mexizona, with another incredible piece of fiction. The Last Gypsy Princess, the first in a trilogy you’ll be delighted to hear, is a fast-paced thriller set in the Roma community. Zee Ziko is the feisty, resourceful heroine. Her grandfather is a very powerful figure in the Chicago kumpania. However, he has never spent much time with Zee and certainly never readied her for the responsibility of leading the Kumpani, a role which he now plans for her following the death of the leader of the rival Martinov family. He feels guilty as Zee suddenly finds herself facing very real threats to her life, but luckily he has a very sharp, resourceful granddaughter.

As well as keeping us riveted to the pages, the book introduces us to Roma culture and beliefs. Curses and spells carry as much power as guns amongst the community. Dutiful obedience is expected by the senior members of the Kumpania. This norm is to test Zee almost to breaking point.

You can see why this book is going to be transferred to the big screen. It’s full of action, is original, has a fascinating cast of charismatic characters, both good and bad, and keeps us guessing all the way through. There’s romance, violence, tension, celebration, hope and despair, but above all a unique and empathetic heroine who carries this amazing story along.

It’s a brilliant read.